first iris

May. 9th, 2018 03:29 pm
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a purple iris surrounded by unopened irises

Aiko has a small dark bump on his skin. They're doing a punch biopsy now. We probably won't hear the results before Monday.
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a crabapple tree branch, with dark pink blossoms

Neal mowed my lawn for the first time this year. It was pretty tall; I was surprised I hadn't had a warning from the city yet. When we got back from the raptor center, guess what I found in my mailbox? Fortunately it was only for the front and sides, which Neal had just mown. The back needs a lot of work too but I guess they overlooked it.

Neal also made me a new raised bed and filled it with compost. I made the compost. That was my contribution.

an 8 by 4-foot raised bed, filled with compost

The new person in our Tawanda book group has a beautiful front lawn, all wildflowers with occasional clumps of buffalo grass. I went over there to lend her our May book. She answered the door holding her puppy. I handed her the book, said, "I'll trade you," and took the puppy. So soft!


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