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One of our horses died this spring. The other one, her son, is living alone for the first time in his life. Horses are happier with a companion, so Neal advertised for a horse boarder, and found some nice people who are saving up to buy a house and expect to need to board their horse for three years or so. They don't have a trailer, so Neal said they could use his, except that we didn't take the horses anywhere for years and let the registration lapse. The boarders offered to pay to renew it.

So, Neal went to the DMV today to renew the horse-trailer registration, which will be $65. Except that there is a new policy that if you have let your registration lapse, you will be fined $25 per month, up to four months. So if Neal registers the trailer, it will be $165.

Neal asked if he could sell the trailer to his wife and avoid the fine. Yes, said the DMV employee. You'll have to pay sales tax and you'll get a new plate. That is stupid, said Neal. I know, said the DMV employee.

So he got the title out of the safe deposit box and signed it over to me for the price of $1, and tomorrow I have to go to the DMV and register the sale and get a new plate. Hope this works.


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