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I just renewed my driver's license online. Yes, it expired on my birthday. Which was... not in February.

Then I recommended a fic from due South Seekrit Santa 2013 to someone, and realized that I never talked here about the fics I received in that fest. Which I am sorry about, because they are both really good.

They're both for the prompt
Ray wants kids. Fraser loves kids. I love stories about them having kids, but I wish there were more in which the kid's mom was alive, not evil, and involved in her child's life.

My mind turns naturally to polyamory, but I would also be happy with a story in which Ray & Fraser's relationship with their child's mom was not sexual or romantic. I'd like it even more if it is sexual and/or romantic, but I am a parent, so I realize how difficult it is to fit kids and sex into the same life, much less the same fic.

I love thinking about them going to the hospital together.
LABOR NURSE: And which of you is the father?
RAY: We both are.
LABOR NURSE: ...How does that work?
FRASER: Very well, thank you.
ELAINE: Speaking of work, I am in labor here.

Or to their first parent-teacher meeting, pulling up a third tiny chair. When they introduce themselves, Fraser adds, "We are not married." The kindergarten teacher says that that doesn't matter, and Fraser explains that it does: "Section 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada makes it a crime to practice or enter into any kind of conjugal union with more than one person at the same time; so it is very important for us to be clear about the fact that, even though we are living together and raising a child together, we are not in a conjugal union."

(Since that time, this happened, and I love Canada so much right now I can't even.)

First, And the summer night is fragrant with a mighty expectation of relief, by armadillo1976. Armadillo1976 doesn't have any other stories on AO3, but I think she must be a writer, or one heck of a reader, because there are so many rookie mistakes she doesn't make. Martha, her original female character, doesn't get her individuality trimmed away so she'll fit neatly into whatever spaces exist in Ray & Fraser's story. She's a person, with agency, and she fits in inconveniently and messily like people do. Zoe, the kid, isn't there like a mirror in a still life to show us another aspect of Ray & Fraser's wonderfullness. She is also a person, with her own agency. In polyamory, in parenting, and in armadillo1976's story, the fact that you love each other very much doesn't mean that your goals will always coincide. It takes hard work and creativity to make a life that satisfies all of you.

Second, 4 Times Fraser Wished His Father Could Have Been There, by dessert_first. I love this so much. It was a last-minute pinch hit, which dessert_first decided to do by just giving me everything I wanted, but she is a real writer and she turned it into a real story. It works so well that she has started writing more of the story here, and I would love you all to go read and leave kudos to encourage her to continue.

And then there are the two I podficced: Sweeter for the Wait, by Spuffyduds, which is one of the sexiest things I've ever read, and I don't mean for podficcing, I mean ever, and Detente, by Sena, which is hilarious, and so right about how Ray K and Fraser fight.

You can find my podfics here.

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My hit count is leet but my hits/kudos and hits/comment ratios are pitiful.
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Podfic. RayK/Fraser. NSFW. Dirty talk. Rimming. So many false starts before I made it through the second sentence without cracking up. Note to self: close the windows before you start recording porn.

Text here: Auralphilia, by Sprat

All my podfic is on AO3 here.

Podfic and other recordings are all here now, but I'm going to take down Keeping Kowalski when I need space; it's the biggest, and has the fewest listens.
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Fascination, by Resonant. RayK/Fraser again. Explicit.

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Five times Fraser said no, by [personal profile] china_shop. Rated General Audiences. RayK/Fraser.

Your comments feed my hungry heart. I do not wish to dissuade you from praise, but I am trying to get better at this, so constructive criticism is also welcome.
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Am attempting to improve my recording quality. Have acquired a pop screen. Unfortunately pop screen outweighs my mike. Have not figured out how to use noise reduction without sounding like an alien, but I think you can clearly hear how much I love this story.

Fanfic, due South, F/K, I wouldn't listen to it at work or with kids around.


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