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(Note: this is not addressed to anyone who has already decided not to offer blanket permission. Your decision is yours. If your reasons satisfy you, that is good enough for me.)

I'm signing up for a fic fest, for which I am offering to podfic. I'd like to check the "any" boxes, because I am willing to read anything. (I have read Berenstain Bears books to make people happy. I am willing to read badfic if it will make you happy.) But, however willing I might be, the only way I can be sure not to default is to only check the boxes for which there is at least one >1000-word fic available.

It is time-consuming but not difficult to check AO3 for fic's existence, but I don't know whether the fic is available for podfic unless I write to the author or the author has a blanket permission statement. And I'm not going to bother people to tell me whether their fic would be available if I got a request it could fulfill!
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I took the dogs to Neal's house until the official fireworks were over, but my neighbors are still setting them off, as you may hear in the background of this podfic. Happy birthday to Steve Rogers, Captain America.

Podfic of Mostly Dead All Day, by [personal profile] schemingreader. Clint Barton & Steve Rogers. Gen. Handholding, hurt/comfort.

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Thank you to dessert_first for permission to record her story Consequences, which has one of the funniest exchanges in all due South fandom. RayK/Fraser. Kissing. Author rated it Teen but I would have said General.

I just watched Adam. It was just okay, but Hugh Dancy's performance made me really sad I cannot join you in Hannibal fandom. Someone that pretty acting that geeky is my catnip.
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Podfic. RayK/Fraser. NSFW. Dirty talk. Rimming. So many false starts before I made it through the second sentence without cracking up. Note to self: close the windows before you start recording porn.

Text here: Auralphilia, by Sprat

All my podfic is on AO3 here.

Podfic and other recordings are all here now, but I'm going to take down Keeping Kowalski when I need space; it's the biggest, and has the fewest listens.
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Fascination, by Resonant. RayK/Fraser again. Explicit.

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Five times Fraser said no, by [personal profile] china_shop. Rated General Audiences. RayK/Fraser.

Your comments feed my hungry heart. I do not wish to dissuade you from praise, but I am trying to get better at this, so constructive criticism is also welcome.
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Am attempting to improve my recording quality. Have acquired a pop screen. Unfortunately pop screen outweighs my mike. Have not figured out how to use noise reduction without sounding like an alien, but I think you can clearly hear how much I love this story.

Fanfic, due South, F/K, I wouldn't listen to it at work or with kids around.


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