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So Friday was "Neon Day" at Mungo's school. Here is a photo of Mungo in an orange t-shirt, lime-green overshirt, and bright blue skinny jeans. At lunch he decorated his jeans and sneakers with pink tape, but I do not have a photo of that.

"People said I was very brave to wear my sister's pants to school," he said.
"Did you feel very brave?" I asked.
"Walking into school I was kind of uncomfortable, but then I was surrounded with my friends and it was okay."
"You didn't have to tell people that you were wearing your sister's pants."
"No, I didn't have to. Do you remember Laurel [lastname]?"
Of course I remember Laurel. She was on the Odyssey of the Mind team I coached when she and Mungo were in fifth grade. You never forget your OM kids.
"Well, when Laurel came in to school, she said, 'Those are Nixie's pants!'"

Hee! It's been four years since Laurel saw Nixie in those pants. I had to pick Nixie up from high school and race back to the elementary school to supervise my OM kids. I knew that every girl on that team had a crush on Nixie, but to remember Nixie's pants? After four years? Hee!

The take-home of the day: "I can't fit anything into these pockets!"


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