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methane waste prevention rule

"Hello, my name is [NAME], I live and vote in [ZIP CODE]. I'm calling to ask how Senator Gardner intends to vote on the rollback of the BLM Methane Waste Prevention Rule."

"I don't believe Senator Gardner has made that decision yet."

"Well, it's time for him to fess up! If Senator Gardner is so deep in the pocket of the oil and gas extraction industry that he wants the industry outside of Colorado to save money by farting their waste products into Colorado, he's got two days left to admit it!"

I did dither over the choice between "farting" and "emitting". I don't want to be rude to people who answer phones, but decided that rude/vivid tradeoff favored "farting".

The inside/outside part is that Colorado does have a state rule that is similar to the BLM's national rule, but that doesn't stop the Four Corners area from smelling like a paint factory.

The raptor rehab I volunteer at still gets birds burned by methane flares, but think they are only or mostly from landfills' methane venting systems.