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Every time I go out to move a hose, I see dozens of things that make me think, gotta take care of that. But right now each of those things makes me think, what is that going to look like in two more weeks? I gotta take care of that now!
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aaaaaaaaaaaa two sleeps till Wiscon aaaaaaaaaa!

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I have to drive up into the foothills to feed the horses now. My old man is in California, learning to surf. Wish me luck!


Mar. 20th, 2015 01:13 pm
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I just saw an ice-cream truck go by. "Little girl running and the little boy too/Got their money tucked up in their hand..." Well, no, they don't, it is 1:13 p.m. on Friday, in March, they are all still in school.

I got some old brick from my friend who is moving away, when she was cleaning up her place to sell it. I started making a path to the alley, so I can take the trash out even when it's muddy. I put some down in herringbone pattern and some in running bond, to get an idea of what it would look like. Today I started moving it closer to where I want it, and discovered that the earthworms were already at work, making their paths, digging tunnels and gluing the soil to the undersides of the bricks.

Planted potatoes yesterday and peas today. How does your garden grow?
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I had some space, and some leftover seed, so I seeded a fall crop of basil and two kinds of kale. The seed were two or more years old, so I seeded thickly. Now I have many kale seedlings and many many basil seedlings, waytooclosetogether. I should just thin them, but-- Think of what I could do with all that basil!

I could try to separate them and grow them all on. I could find more space. Pricking out seedlings is going to be a lot harder stooping over a bed than standing at a counter, and a lot lot harder when you're pulling the seedlings out of clayey soil instead of lovely loose seed starter, but-- I could at least try.

This is going to hurt.
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Can you make straw bale gardens with hay that has been spoiled by getting wet, or will the mold be a problem?

so tired

Jul. 27th, 2013 12:06 am
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Sooo tired. I have so few responsibilities; how is it possible for me to be so deeply in arrears?

I have a weed abatement notice from the city, which I totally deserve, but they gave me terribly short notice: the deadline for voluntary compliance is Monday, so probably they mailed it on Monday, but it didn't get here until Wednesday. Yes it is possible to ask for an extension, but that requires making a phone call, which is just not within my cope right now. Normally I would ask Neal to make the phone call for me, but he and Mungo are hiking in Oregon with Nixie. Normally I would ask Mungo to come and mow down the bits that I couldn't manage, but, Oregon. Also since they're in Oregon I have been taking care of Neal's garden, which used to be my garden and how did I ever keep up with it? Oh that's right I didn't.

Anyway, the weed abatement notice says I have noncompliant weeds all over my property -- which is just not true -- but calls particular attention to the driveway. The last third of the driveway is waist-deep in phlox and campanula and dame's rocket and, yes, unarguable weeds, all covered with flowers and bees. And when I was out there today, deciding that I just had to cut it all down, a hummingbird was checking out the phlox. How can I cut down a hummingbird's food supply?
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You know that moment when you have come inside because your knee is telling you, "You can stop hauling compost now, or I can make you stop," and you take off your boots and make a cup of tea and sit down at the computer and realize that you have to go out again right now because there is a tiny tiny praying mantis on your arm? Yeah.
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So cold here. So so cold. We have no snow, but school was canceled today and yesterday because it was too cold for kids to wait for buses. My thermostat is set at 61 and the furnace doesn't stop. From time to time it sounds like it is about to take a breather, but it always gets right back to work.

The dogs race out because they are stir-crazy, and then they race back in because it is so cold it hurts. I have to make them stay out long enough to pee. We'll just pee inside like you do, they suggest helpfully.

The city has expressed its displeasure with my pile of sticks again (not the same pile; that one got stomped down and covered with compost acceptably; but then I got a bunch more sticks) but I cannot fix it: it is too cold. And! it is totally the city's fault that I have all these sticks in the first place! They're the ones who demanded that I prune all the branches that were sticking out into the alley!

Well, the inspector gave me until a week from tomorrow to fix the problem. (It is funny how much I think I'd like her -- I think we'd like each other! -- if she were not working for the forces of "This is a neat street.") I still have mounds of compost at my husband's house which, if they are not frozen solid, I can haul down here and pile on the pile of sticks. There! I fixed it!


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